30 Day Film Challenge Day 8: Your Favorite Movie Quote Or Dialogue

When this challenge come up in my list to work on, I’ll admit I struggled a bit. Not because there aren’t great quotes – I included a video from Cinefix that has a hundred of them below – but because I couldn’t think of one to really latch onto for awhile beyond my gut instinct one. I initially wanted to do the Road Warrior bit with Max making it clear he’s in charge. Shaken, not stirred was quick to the top of the list. Any number of Tarantino passages with great acting from great actors going all-in could fit as well.

But the reality is that there’s one sequence with one quote that provided the best shocker in film that I’ve had, which kind of sucks because I was ten years old and it doesn’t feel like it’s been really topped since. But that’s partially because I really went all-in on film and how it works so that I’ve seen so much that it’s just really hard to surprise me. But Darth Vader’s revelation and his disturbingly impassioned way of presenting it through James Earl Jones is just iconic as my favorite quote.