30 Day Film Challenge Day 6: A Classic Or Huge Movie You’ve Not Seen

The topic of the day today is one you can answer two-fold since both are often quite different things. Even within a community of really big movie consumers and fans, there are things that you just never get around to seeing. Or you’re waiting and hoping that they’re going to show up on the big screen thanks to TCM or some other anniversary. Or, more likely, they’re films you absolutely have no desire to see at all and are adamant about that.

Whatever the reason, tell us about a classic film that everyone has seen but you and/or a huge modern-day movie of the same kind of stature?

For me, the classic falls into Lawrence of Arabia. I own a really great DVD collector’s edition I got cheap when it first came out and I bought it on digital a year or so ago on the cheap. But I’ve still not watched it. It holds such value to so many, my mother included, that I’m almost afraid to watch it. I really liked the “modern trailer” that was cut for it recently and I’ve got my eldest child on board for a viewing so hopefully, I’ll clear this one from the deck this summer!