30 Day Film Challenge Day 5: A Movie So Bad It’s Good

We all have movies that we know are bad and not in the “oh it has a flaw here that ruins something” kind of a way.

We mean bad. We know it’s junk. Whether it’s low production values overall, terrible acting, poor cinematography that just makes the whole thing nuts (Looking at you, Battlefield: Earth), there’s a lot of bad out there.

But there’s something about those bad films that sometimes make us a huge fan. Often it’s nostalgia where you see something when you’re young and don’t know better, which is my pick. Sometimes it’s something you see with friends that you’ve bonded over and it holds special meaning through there.

But they’re still bad films.

For me, it’s the nostalgia kick as Beastmaster was one of those films that was new at the time but gave me the bit of fantasy that I craved when there was very little of it being made for film – and it’s still a genre that doesn’t get much attention. Originally released in 1982, it managed a $14 million haul but it introduced me to Marc Singer who just a few years later would draw me into the V miniseries and property. It also introduced twelve year old me to Tanya Roberts and in this film at that time and on HBO constantly, well, that was magical.

What’s your movie that’s so bad that it’s good and people at the very least give you the side-eye over liking?