Werewolf 126: Katabasis – Day One > “Embarkation”

PROJECT KERBER-O.S. v1.2.6rv2, A Division of WW Industries
Copyright 2016 – 2020, All Rights Reserved
Basic Input/Output System Initiate…


Memtest at Tri-Channel Interleaved…
NVME Channel 0 Slave: [Hidden]
NVME Channel 1 Slave: [Hidden]
NVME Channel 2 Slave: [Hidden]

Memtest Passed…

Personality Matrix: B.A.N.N.E.R. Initiate…

[Initialization Error] [Code [Hidden]]


B.A.N.N.E.R. Initiated…


Greetings. This one is the Bryant Archive, Neural-Network, Encryption and Reactor-control (B.A.N.N.E.R.) in change of this facility. You may simply call this one “Banner” at your convenience. Welcome to Project Kerberos.

This one is designed to aid Project Kerberos in its efforts, and will be speaking with every one of you, both publicly and privately. This one assists in the menial tasks of running the facility, including archival research, deep-learning, communications, and generator monitoring functions. Hence this one’s name.

Project Kerberos is of vital importance. Each of you were chosen to complete tasks which will prevent the [ERROR]…[RESET]…Each of you were chosen to aid in the completion of the Project. That is what you need to know. Questions can be asked and answered on a need to know basis, but know all communications are logged by [ERROR]…[RESET]…Questions can be asked, but may not be answered. You know what is required, and no more.

From this point forward, nobody can leave or arrive. The doors are locked, for your safety. Upon completion of the Project, [ERROR]…[RESET]…Upon completion of your tasks, you will receive more info as it is necessary. Make yourselves at home; this is a fully-functioning habitat, and is perfectly insulated from the Voi [ERROR]…[RESET]…This is a fully-functioning habitat. You will find all your needs will be provided as necessary. Make yourselves at home.



  1. Sic humor
  2. Forget_it_jake
  3. Spookyfriend
  4. Ralph
  5. Grumproro
  6. Hoho
  7. Mr.ImMyOwnGrampa
  8. Zecko
  9. Owen
  10. April LKD
  11. Donalbain
  12. Wasp
  13. DW
  14. Tiff Aching
  15. InnDE
  16. Mars Five
  17. Sister Jude
  18. JamMoriarty
  19. Lamb Dance
  20. TCRM
  21. Lord Stoneheart
  22. Lutair
  23. Nuka Fanta
  24. Louie Blue
  25. The Hayes Code

11 Scions
3 Rejuvenates
1 Vitiator
1 Revivifier
2 Inamoratas
1 Attestor
1 Descry
1 Shunt
1 Ward
1 Gendarme
1 Requiter

Day One will end on July 6th at 9am Pacific.