Shoeless Trivia: Deserts

I realize the first part of this week has been a trivia desert, so here’s some desert trivia.

  1. What demonym is usually associated with the cryptozoological “death worm” that is said to inhabit the Gobi desert?
  2. The still below is taken from what 1980 film set in the Kalahari desert?strivia191_1
  3. A salt flat in what eponymous desert is believed to be the world’s largest and purest active source of the element lithium?
  4. Two Division I college football programs, both recent national champions, refer to their home stadium as Death Valley. Name both.
  5. Emi Koussi, the highest mountain in the Sahara, is part of what range that extends across northern Chad and into southern Libya?

  1. Mongolian
  2. The God Must Be Crazy
  3. Atacama Desert
  4. Clemson, Louisiana State University
  5. Tibesti Mountains