Politics Extra – DoJ House Committee hearing – political interference within the Justice Department

FORMER DOJ PROSECUTOR TO TESTIFY ON POLITICAL INFLUENCE IN DOJ: The House Judiciary Committee holds a hearing on oversight and political interference within the Justice Department. The committee will be hearing testimony from Aaron Zelinsky, former prosecutor in the Roger Stone case. In his prepared statement, Zelinsky will say that he has ‘never seen political influence play any role in prosecutorial decision making — with one exception: United States v. Roger Stone.’ This comes after Pres. Trump fired U.S. Attorney for the SDNY Geoffrey Berman, who led the probe into Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen and is currently investigating Rudy Giuliani. House Judiciary Chair Jerry Nadler said that his committee is preparing to subpoena Barr for his testimony about political interference within the DOJ in early July.

Have at it people!