Cage Match: Round 2

Apologies for being so slow in getting to our next round.   I was driving to and then, get this, Leaving Las Vegas this weekend.   (Thank you, tip your bartender.)

In connected news, my computer somehow got corrupted while I was away, and deleted the EXCEL report that had all the numbers and nominations.

So, from what it looks like, we had 2 Underdog winners, with Peggy Sue getting bitten by a Vampire’s Kiss, and, like, Valley Girl, like, Totally, blew past, like, Gone in 60 Seconds.

Otherwise, we seem to have had more votes in this round more than Hanks and Schwarzenegger.  And we still have a strong mix of Crazy Cage, Stellar Actor Cage and Macho Cage.

This one has 2 Matches that will be possibly difficult to decide on.  I know which way I would turn, but do you?   We’ll find out soon enough!