“Game Night” American Dad! S17E09

During game night, the family gets lost in a maze.

Bullock has new labyrinth, and invites anyone to try it out.  Stan says it’s  family game night and goes home.


But it’s soon revealed that the family lets Stan win all the time because he’s such a piss poor loser.


Stan gets bored with family game night as he’s won every game.  At work,  Bullock is sad  that no one has beaten  his labyrinth.  Inspired by this  Stan takes the family  try it out.


Once inside the labyrinth , Bullock  outlines the challenge, and the Smith get underway


It’s not long before the family gets upset with Stan, who repeatedly gets the riddles wrong.


Jeff finally has had enough and tells off Stan, telling him they the family has been letting Stan win because he’s such a poor loser.  So after a hissy fit, Stan decides to go on his own way show that he’s the best game player.


Now unencumbered by Stan’s incompetence, the rest of the family make their way thru the rest of the labyrinth.a8

And make it to the end.


On the way out, Stan is still upset and says he won’t leave until he finishes it himself to prover who the loser is.


Flash to one month later and the family goes back to get Stan, who apparently has a Wolverine fetish.


Stan plays the maze his own way, killing lots of locals on they way up to get snacks.


Which turns out that he got out to the maze and did a good job.  Celebration!



B Plot

Roger tries foie gras for the first time and decides to make it himself with the help of his geese “Friends”


Roger enlists Klaus’s help, but finds that he likes the disgusting process himself instead.


Roger fattens up his own liver and is later confronted by Sully Sullenburger and Frog Ross who want those geese for their own diabolical reasons.


Frog Ross offs Sully and Roger then serves up his own-made foie gras, killing everyone taking a bite.   Fois Grasta la vista baby!



Wild and wacky stuff this outing.  Bullock was a pleasure as always.


Stan being petulant was predictable.  Lots of good lines from everyone involved.


Grade : B