WW 124: Genius – Episode 6: The Bean Dilemma Game

A shot rang out.

“Death is not so cute.”

Wasp has been eliminated.

A shot rang out.

“I’m finally going where my memes will be welcomed.”

Corporal Hicks as been eliminated.

The Bounty Hunter collected 79 Garnets. 

The Rules of the Game


Today’s game is The Bean Dilemma Game. In the Bean Dilemma Game, you face the choice between using your beans to help your team, and keeping your beans to help yourself.

Players have been randomly sorted into two teams of five. Of course, we only have 5 Players still in the contest – but we’ve brought back some guest to participate in this game

The returning guests are:

  • Owen
  • Hoho
  • Goat
  • Mr. Im My Own Grandfather
  • Mr. RNG, Unless I Get a 5th Volunteer Emm

You can invite these eliminated players into QT’s if you wish. Hoping we get a 5th Volunteer to replace Mr. RNG before the game properly begins, but if Mr. RNG plays they will randomly copy another player’s actions each round.

The Teams Are:


  • Jake
  • Sic
  • Grump
  • Hoho
  • Emm


  • Donalbain
  • Ralph
  • Owen
  • Goat
  • Grandfather

These teams will face off for up to 5 Rounds, needing to win three rounds to win the whole game.

Every player begins the game with 50 Beans in their possession. Each round, you will have a deadline to tell me in your QT if you want to give away some of your beans by placing them in your Team’s Pot for that round (The Pots are emptied after each round). You can give away as many as you want per round, but once you’ve given them, they’re gone. The team who has more beans placed in their pot wins the round. When I announce the results of a round, I will only reveal the numbers of beans in the losing team’s pot.

As I said, the winning team will be whoever wins three rounds. The player who wins immunity – and therefore moves on to participate in our Grand Finale – will be the player from the winning team who has the most personal beans left. Only one can win, no shared immunity this time.

Meanwhile, on the Losing Team – the player who has the least personal Beans remaining will be sent to the Death Match.

Each of the returning players has been randomly matched with a surviving contestant. Everyone will know who their match is, but I will not reveal the matches. If one of the returning contestants is the winner of the game, their match will be the one who wins immunity.  Vice Versa, if one of the returning contestants is the biggest loser, their match is who is sent to the Death Match.

The amount of beans you hold on to is also important because your remaining beans at the end of the game will turn into Garnets, which you can use in the Final Night Phase. This includes the returning players – they will get to influence what happens on our final night, targeting whoever they want with their Garnets.

The Final Night Shoot-Out

I will also now explain some more about the final Night Phase. As I said, 1 Player will win Immunity in this game and advance to the Grand Finale – where our 2 last players standing will face off head to head in up to 3 Mind Games against each other, with the winner being crowned the Final Winner of Avocado Genius.

There will also be a Death Match at the conclusion of today’s game. Unlike in past days, the Death Match does not come with immunity. The Death Match result will be revealed before the Night Actions deadline, with the loser being immediately eliminated, but the Winner will still be able to be killed at Night.

So, our final Night will be a Shoot Out, with Three Players in contention to be the 2nd player in our Grand Finale. As with past nights, you can only choose one other player to targets. All surviving players and the returning players who earn Garnets can choose Targets. As usual, two people will be killed. So the player who has the lowest bounty placed on them tonight will be who survives into the finale.

Remaining Contestants

  1. Donalbain – 75 Garnets
  2. Jake – 30 Garnets
  3. Ralph – 9 Garnets
  4. Sic – 8 Garnets
  5. Grumproro – 6 Garners