“Trophy Wife, Trophy Life” American Dad! S17E08

Stan becomes dependent on Francine’s care.

At the bowling alley, Stan shows that he doesn’t need Francine’s help with the scoring program


Francine worries that Stam doesn’t need her and when  she spots a falling star, she makes a wish that he would.   But it turns out that this falling star is really a satellite that smashes Stan flat.   At the hospital Francine insists on being the one to help Stan with the months of physical therapy


A side effect of this treatment is that Stan becomes addicted to winning trophies.


So much so , that he quits the CIA when Bullock wouldn’t let Francine sit in on secret meetings.  Stan has become too dependent on Francine.


To make ends meet, they buy a trophy store.  Stan suffers from dependency issues when Francine leaves him alone in the store , and his libido becomes overactive.


Francine begins to worry about making money as Stan doesn’t want to deal with actual customers.  Things come to a head when during an interview, Stan mucks it up , so Francine fires his ass.


Stan goes into the trophy business for himself in order  to put Francine out of business.  He buys  a pickle store across the street.   Not able to deter Francine’s customers,  Stan decides the best way to put her out of business is to crush her store by chopping down his own store


But he forgot to measure and fails again.  He’s put back in the hospital after encountering a truck driver determined to kill the Pickle Man.   And this time around, Francine decides not to help Stan with physical therepy.


B Plot

Meanwhile, it turns out that the same satellite that hit  Stan actually records Tuttle’s daily life as part of a hit Korean show “Sad Fatso”.  Poor Tuttle.


Steve, Hayley, Roger and Klaus come up with an idea, take over the “Sad Fatso” show and become Korean stars!


But when they arrive at Tuttle’s place , they  don’t have any real plan. Mission aborted!


Trying again , they come up with this solidly stupid idea.  It of course goes nowhere.


They check the reviews online, only to  find that they tanked the ratings. Tuttle comes over with a friendship cake, but they chase him off.   B4

Tuttle is completely heartbroken that he doesn’t have any friends now.  So he tosses the cake into the garbage can  and sprays it with cleaner to keep himself from eating it.  But he knows he can’t help himself and eats it anyways.  But in a good twist of fate, the Korean viewers love it and the show it back to being a hit again.


C Plot

After the truck driver thinks he’s killed the dreaded Pickle Man, he retires to bed


Of course, this being American Dad, things don’t turn out as expected.   Hero indeed?


Not a bad outing.  Not a home run either.  A decent episode over all.  Plenty of laughs.  Stan being a clingy idiot was fun.   Always good to see Tuttle, but it was kind of a sad take.


Grade : B