The Creative Endeavors Thread Upgrades Anew

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For a while now, I’ve been getting ISP emails that I’m entitled to a free Flex streaming device and didn’t really think it was worth the likely trouble of getting one. Changed my mind recently and I’ve had it hooked up now for a few days. I can now stream Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, etc. through my TV monitor, and I really hadn’t guessed the effect it would have on my creative output, which has been lagging through the pandemic first due to a welter of uncertainties and then due to keying up over recent political upheavals.

One of the reasons it’s been hard for me to concentrate on any kind of schedule is that I’ll often stream TV or whatnot on my laptop, and it’s ergonomically troublesome to try and watch while drawing or painting at the same time. Not so much with the Flex; I did most of a large illustration and much of a new acrylic this weekend while watching Ken Burns’ The Vietnam War and Jim Al-Khalili’s BBC science documentaries on YouTube (not to mention “virtual basketball” played by “Toronto Raptors Uprising GC” and some rando gamer). Loving this, to my great surprise.

How’s your work going?