30 Day Disney Challenge Day 16: Your Favorite Hero

If you were more literal and stuck to the earlier question in regards to the favorite prince, you get a bit more room to maneuver here as your favorite heroine can move beyond just the realm of the prince’s themselves. And there are a number of good ones out there that don’t fit in that mold. Especially if you start to include some of the animated TV works and some of the live-action ones.

And as mentioned before, you can also swing in from other Disney owned silo properties like Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm for these.

For me, this goes back to my first Disney movie that I remember because I played this on VHS constantly and wore it out pretty easily with Robin Hood. I just loved the easygoing charm that he had, the lightness of living, the always quick to smile approach. There was no heavy backstory that really shaped and molded him in my mind, he was just a happy-go-lucky type that fell into interesting times and handled it with style and fun.