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The Weekend Politics Thread

I would like to go back to covering international events without being in a panic if I look away from US events for more than two minutes. I forget what it feels like.

Anyway, I was going to make a post discussing Christopher Columbus and the Slippery Slope of Drowning Statues, wherein I as an Italian person used my excessive hand gestures to make an argument if we only get one cartoonish buffoon to represent us it should be Mario the Plumber and not that piece of trash who deserves the bottom of any lake he finds himself in that he did not actually discover. Christopher Columbus was so terrible he was imprisoned DURING HIS LIFETIME for his crimes, so miss me with that “different standards” bullshit as well. I was going to talk about how poorly history in America teaches Columbus, and then other things, tie it into the “don’t tear statues down because history textbooks don’t exist” strawman and drown that one too, etc, and then circle back to Juneteenth and give some context about the Tulsa Massacre and such to explain why his first rally back (which the SS will be attending, and oh my god) is so terrible and on brand.

But then, fucking Trump decided to find a way to make the Pulse shooting anniversary about him too, and all of Pride really, and remove protections for trans people against discrimination in healthcare. Technically the way he did it also removes protections for those seeking abortions or with disabilities, but by choosing today’s date and bringing Pence out of who the fuck knows where for it, it’s clear what the intentions are. This is a deliberate attack on some of the most vulnerable people in America, most likely meant to distract and divide us from continuing to protest for several of the OTHER most vulnerable groups in America. Also, he did do some stuff to weaken protections against endangered animals earlier this as well, so I’m assuming between me going to sleep and this going up he’ll have declared democrats domestic terrorists or denaturalized women as citizens or something. Maybe we’ll be at war with the sun.

Oh, also, did you see the news article about the world ending next week? With covid and the murder hornets and then the plague mosquitos I lost track it was sweeps week! Strap in everyone. Maybe I’ll see you next week.