The Day Thread Can’t Get Enough of The Stuff

On June 14th, 1985, the horror/satire The Stuff was released in movie theaters.

Written and directed by Larry Cohen, the film focuses on a new dessert hitting the supermarket shelves. The Stuff is a sweet and tasty treat that people cant get enough of and it starts to make ice cream executives nervous. Enter David Rutherford (Michael Moriarty), an industrial spy paid by the executives to find out information on The Stuff. Mr. Rutherford will eventually cross paths with a young boy named Jason (Scott Bloom), who tries to stop his family from eating The Stuff. Why you ask? He saw it crawling from its container.

I recently rewatched The Stuff the other night and its a funny, scary flick.

The special effects are a bit outdated but its a creature feature worth watching.

As of this writing, the movie is available for free on Amazon Prime and Tubi.

Youll never look at whipped desserts the same way again.

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