Last Marble Standing E4 Collision

Marbles are fragile and prone to chipping, cracking, and in rare cases, shattering. That’s why collision is such a hotly-anticipated event: it’s not everyday that marbles smash into each other on purpose.

In the round robin, Semi-Skimmers and Milky Madness make it out of Group A, eliminating Team Purity. Meanwhile, in Group B, the ball bearings have trouble knocking marbles off the board, and the scores are pretty high. But even a solid performance from Graze of Glory can’t beat the poise and stability of Dairy Dash and The Freshers, who make it out of the round robin.

Then, it’s time for the semi-final round. The Freshers and Milky Madness beat their respective opponents, Semi-Skimmers and Dairy Dash, by a margin of only one marble! Semi-Skimmers and Dairy Dash face off in the bronze medal match, and again, there’s only a one-marble margin of victory, with the win going to Dairy Dash.

Then, in the final, The Freshers and Dairy Dash go head-to-head. Both teams lose two marbles in their first attempt, so they both go again and lose another two marbles each. That puts them in a single-marble sudden death situation. In the end, The Freshers hang on by a hair, and Milky Madness falls off, leaving the Freshers with the gold.

Complete stats for Last Marble Standing can be found at the Marble League Wiki.