Weekly Japanese Pop Culture Thread (June 10, 2020)

Welcome to The Avocado’s weekly discussion of Japanese pop culture! When it comes to anime and manga, I rely a lot on recommendations from cool people like you all. This is especially true when it comes to manga. I don’t live in an area that has a place where I can browse manga except Barnes & Noble, which isn’t the worst, but it’s hard to get recommendations there. I really like when you can go to a store that has a diverse selection of manga to see what the staff there recommends. So whenever I travel, I try to visit some of the local stores. For example, I don’t remember the name of the store, but I went to one in Boston a few years back and was thrilled because almost the entire staff was women, and their recommendations were incredible! They had written detailed explanations of why they recommended these works, and I was able to shop and browse happily. The greatest thing I got from that store was Princess Jellyfish, which is why I’m featuring it today. 

Princess Jellyfish is a delightful Josei manga about a group of girls trying to live their most authentic lives without the rest of the world getting in the way. When their way of life is threatened, they embark on a wild journey to save their home and their friendships. There’s fashion, humor, sadness, friendship, heart, and a little bit of romance too. It’s also beautifully drawn. I haven’t seen the anime, and I’ve heard it’s good too, but if you want the full story with all it’s wonderful twists and turns, I highly recommend giving the manga a try. I know it’s  a story that I will return to time and time again because the characters give me strength and inspire me to go out and don my armor.

And, as always…

What have you been watching/reading/playing/eating/listening to lately?

Happy Wednesday! 🙂