30 Day Disney Challenge Day 9: Your Most Romantic Moment

With my experience with Disney going back to growing up as a kid in the 70s, there’s a lot of romantic moments and you come across them differently as you grow up. Some of it makes you wriggle uncomfortably, but at least way back then it was always very tame. And it still is for most of their films, which helps to keep that innocence but slide it into kids’ view in a way that can work well.

I still have the best memories of the relationship and romance between Robin Hood and Marianne from the animated film that was my earliest memorable Disney experience. And I really connected the best when Beauty and the Beast arrived as the songs and performances combined with the visuals delivered it’s problematic romance. And while that first ten minutes of Up is basically just a sliver below where I am with my actual choice, I can’t help but to give it where it goes.

Paperman delivers that new relationship energy and intensity to discover that’s just so thrilling and exciting that it’s positively infectious. It was beautifully animated and the black and white aspect only made me fall in love with it all the more. I was so utterly charmed by it when I first saw it in the theater I didn’t even remember what I was there to see after it ended and before the film started.