The Avocado’s Favorite Spider-Man – RESULTS!

“”That person who helps others simply because it should or must be done, and because it is the right thing to do, is indeed without a doubt, a real superhero.” – Stan Lee

Avocodans, with great power comes great responsibility. You have exercised your power of voting with the unique responsibility to determine who did the most amazing job of portraying our favorite Wall-Crawler. We scoured movies, Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, TV, Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, comics, record albums, dogs, pasta cans, and Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse. And now Packer_Hat’s proud to present…


But first….

The Avocado would like to proudly present the award of Favorite Spider-Man Co-Creator to….



Despite the controversy over who deserves the credit for the actual creation of the characters, there’s no denying that Stan the Man is what gave Spider-Man and the Marvel Universe its soul. So much of what makes it special such as the humor, the heroic heart, and the interconnectivity originates with Stan Lee. He always projected a sense of warmth and showmanship. Plus, y’know, Ditko was an Objectivist

Anyhow, onto revealing the top four Spider-Man…


This rock and roll spider took down Joey Ramone…broke Nicholas Hammond’s wrist bracelets….stepped on Chris Pine’s skull….and broke Nicolas Cage’s mind with a Rubik’s Cube….it’s the Ghost Spider herself…our only Spider-Woman….

….we’v been ensnared in the Web of…





This amateur wrestler and jazz enthusiast blew Robbie Daymond out…proved Andrew Garfield wasn’t so amazing….destroyed Shinji Tōdō’s super sentai….refused to hand down the mantle to Shameik Moore…and made Hailee Steinfeld a regular ghost…someone who enjoys a good cookie….but definitely needs to get us pictures of Spider-Man…

…The Sensational…





Bringing it home as our favorite live-action Spider-Man is the guy who didn’t even leave Sam Riegel his voice…proved Dan Gilvezan had no amazing friends….rubberized Danny Seagren’s electricity….made Jake Johnson cry in the shower…and forced us to make a sadistic choice on Tobey Maguire….the heir to Iron Man…and a fan of really old movies….

…The Spectacular…





Our favorite Spider-Man is someone who made Michael Curran a joke…sent This Dog to a farm upstate…sent Christopher Daniel Barnes through a time-dilation portal and Hailee Steinfeld to her home dimension…and, in a first for an Avocado Tournament, I believe, was defeated by Tom Holland but went on to make him feel not so good…

…that’s right…it’s the sweatpants spider….the slob who got back up….a mentor to Spiders young and young…..who’s that girl? It’s not a girl, it’s….

…the Amazing…




That’s right, it’s all over, folks, and Johnson has come back from the L to claim his title as our favorite Spider-Man actor. Running this tournament made me realize he’s probably in my top 5 as well. But here’s the ranking as the Avocado sees them.

The Avocado’s Top 42 Spider-Men
  1. Jake Johnston
  2. Tom Holland
  3. Tobey Maguire
  4. Hailee Steinfeld
  5. Shameik Moore
  6. Nicholas Cage
  7. John Mulaney
  8. Christopher Daniel Barnes
  9. Shinji Tōdō
  10. Danny Seagren
  11. Oscar Isaac
  12. Chris Pine
  13. Paul Soles
  14. This Dog
  15. Yuri Lowenthal
  16. Donald Glover
  17. This Wildly Corroded Can of Spider-Man Pasta
  18. Nathan Fillion
  19. Covered In Spiders, Man
  20. Nicholas Hammond
  21. Andrew Garfield
  22. Dan Gilvezan
  23. Tress MacNeille
  24. Josh Keaton
  25. This Guy Who Played Spider-Man On Muppet Babies
  26. Tituss Burgess as Titus Andromedon
  27. A Bunch of Spiders
  28. Neil Patrick Harris
  29. Rino Romano
  30. Mike Henry
  31. David Ashby
  32. Sam Riegel
  33. Rene Auberjonois
  34. Drake Bell
  35. Sean Marquette
  36. Reeve Carney
  37. Tevfik Sen
  38. Ted Schwartz
  39. Michael Curran
  40. Joey Ramone
  41. Robbie Daymond
  42. Mary Faber


Well, that’s a webbed wrap on this everyone! What did you think of this contest? Would you like to see other characters get this treatment? Who’s your favorite Spider-Man or person? Do you know who played him on Muppet Babies? I’d like to know!