Last Marble Standing E3 Long Jump

Can marbles fly?

Historical records show that this question was first asked only three weeks after the invention of the marble.1 Today, Jelle & Co. attempt to answer that question with a long jump competition. If any marble manages to jump farther than 0 cm, then we will have our answer.

Well, as it turns out, every marble can jump farther than 0 cm. Hey, marbles can fly! And now that we’ve established that, let’s talk about the results.

Graze of Glory has the best jump in the first heat at 81.0 cm, with only 3 cm separating them from last-place finishers The Freshers. With the exception of The Freshers, who improve to 80.0 cm, every team does worse in the second heat. However, Graze of Glory still retains the top score at 80.4 cm. Totalling the results from the two heats, that means they come out on top, with Team Purity and The Freshers nabbing silver and bronze, respectively.

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