30 Day Disney Challenge Day 3: Your Favorite Prince

This one will definitely be harder than you think. How many of the Disney prince’s can you even name?

The third day brings us to the question of who your favorite prince is. Has it changed over the years as more projects came out? Do they even factor into your enjoyment of the project? Was your first prince the one that still holds your heart or dazzled you the most in their actions? Or have the more nuanced incarnations that have come in the years since forced you to rethink your position.

Each prince brings something unique to the table – even if they’re not formally a prince – and have inspired millions throughout their lives. These are not off the top of the head creations but carefully thought out pieces. And fans are very intense about their favorites and why they are so…

And yes, we’re keeping this question open for those that may not be fans of the standard princesses and may have one from a Disney-owned property that isn’t considered the same as the picture above.