“Star Mort: Rickturn of the Jerri” Rick and Morty S4E10

Hoo-wee!  What a season!

Traditionally (and we’ve had enough of them now that we can talk about what a season-ending episode of Rick and Morty “traditionally” is) season-enders are where a lot of the continuity goes.  Season openers are all about wrapping it back up quickly so we can get back to the Glorzos and dragons and acid vats, and then the middle episodes tend to be… Glorzos and dragons and acid vats.  So it’s fitting that we get a season-ender here that revisits both the ends of Season 2 and Season 3.

I like Beth and I love when Beth gets badass, so this one was like candy to me. (I’m definitely getting Defiance Beth when she inevitably becomes a Funko Pop.)  I also appreciated that Morty took a backseat to the Rick and Beth relationship this time – although Morty and Summer had a pretty good story too, and even Jerry got to save the day with some really gross puppetry.

The two Beths spend a lot of time arguing over which of them is the ‘real’ Beth, when only Rick knows that the answer, from his perspective, is neither of them are – his real daughter is off somewhere dressed in furs and eating roast Cronenberg.  Or possibly something worse, if that wasn’t the first time Rick’s swapped universes.  Shuffling the cloning tubes is just a smaller-scale version of what he does with whole realities, trying to focus only on the one in front of him but never losing sight of the fact that there are countless infinities out there in which his daughter is living and dying and suffering and having adventures and there’s only so much he can do about any of it.

And after that heavy ending, we get …invisible garbage truck Jerry to close out the season.  Straight-up perfect.

See you next season in, like, a really long time!