Last Marble Standing E1 Funnel Spin

The 2020 edition of the Marble League is set to premiere this summer, sponsored by, weirdly enough, Last Week Tonight. But as an appetizer for the main competition, Arla Cravendale is sponsoring a 6-event contest called Last Marble Standing. Having six events might seem like it’s milking the concept for all it’s worth, but I trust Jelle & Co. to render that concern moo-t.

Here are the competing teams:

  • Team Purity (light cyan/colourless)
  • Milky Madness (white)
  • Semi-Skimmers (green/white)
  • Dairy Dash (cyan/white)
  • The Freshers (chartreuse/cyan/white)
  • Graze of Glory (dark blue)

The first event of Last Marble Standing is a fan favourite: the funnel race. The goal is to spend as much time as possible in the funnels. At the end, the total time from two heats is computed, and the team with the highest time is the winner.

Typically, most of the excitement takes place in the middle funnels, where lead changes happen with great frequency. But today’s event sees a lot of action in the final funnel, with Semi-Skimmers fending off three challengers in there in the second heat before finally succumbing to the hole at the funnel’s centre.

When all’s said and done, Graze of Glory come out on top, with Team Purity and Dairy Dash taking silver and bronze, respectively.

Complete stats for Last Marble Standing can be found at the Marble League Wiki.