America’s Dad. Hanks: The Elite 8

Despite starring one of the most popular and beloved stars of all time, there is no streaming service that carries Bosum Buddies. You’d think someone would have it. It was really silly and funny to 13 year old me.

I was expecting this previous tournament to be much closer, but the only one that was a Hanks’ Choice to me: Cast Away versus That Thing You Do! And in the end, Wilson rocks on beyond the Oneders
34 – 31. The rest beat their competition by 20 plus votes.

Meanwhile, his 2nd biggest hit and 2nd Oscar, Forrest Gump, was caught by Leonardo DiCaprio and Catch Me if You Can 45 – 18. Only 2 of his 6 Oscar Nominated performances are left.

So, now where will we go? We will find out what is the one True Toy Story, among these 8 great movies.