30 Day Disney Challenge Day 1: Your Favorite Villain

After our wrap-up about a week ago of our 30 Day Comic Book Challenge, I wanted to do something that stepped a bit outside of my own comfort zone just a touch but also was a bit broader in that I think the readership, in general, may take interest in. So, we’re doing a 30 Day Challenge for all things Disney proper. I’m not going to be a strict interpreter of this since Disney has a lot of properties under their umbrella, but I suspect most people will stick with Disney proper in a general sense.

So, for our first day of the challenge, the question is to talk about your favorite villain. Disney films and media has a lot of them across the board, and some generational ones as well thanks to TV programming, but which one is the one that you connect with the most and made the biggest impact on you?

For me, it was always Prince John. The Robin Hood film was my earliest memorable Disney animated film experience and the character was silly at times to be sure but he had such a mean streak to him as well that even if you could laugh at him, you knew to take him seriously because he was going to cause real trouble and had power to back it up.