WW 124: Genius – Episode 1: The Election Game

Welcome to The Genius Game. 20 Contestants have been assembled to test their wits to their limits against each other. The participants will introduce themselves, but I’m sure they will come from a wide variety of success in different fields. In a elimination contest like this, they face one key question as they begin: Do they assert themselves early as a potential alliance leader and front-runner to win the whole thing? Or will they choose to hang back and let others step into the target that is the spotlight? In our first Mind Game, they will face this dilemma very directly….

The Rules of the Game

Screen Shot 2020-05-27 at 4.51.03 AM

Today’s game will involve a vote – but of a different type from what Werewolf players will be used to. The top vote getter won’t be booted off – the Winner will symbolically be elected President, and win immunity from elimination until the next Day.

To officially campaign for President, you must announce your candidacy with a top-level comment clearly stating you’re running. There is deadline to announce you’re running (1:00pm EST Monday). You are not required to run for President, it’s entirely opt-in. Running comes with a side of risk – because if you are the candidate who comes in last place in the election, you will be the first person sent to the Elimination Death Match. 

Once you declare yourself a candidate, your campaign will be given 20 Tokens. These tokens are for your personal use, you can keep them to yourself or distribute them to others to try to win votes. If you lose the election, your campaign’s tokens will be worthless. But the tokens of the winning campaign will become Garnets upon the candidate’s victory. You will tell me in your QT who you want your tokens given to so that I can keep track of who has whose tokens.

You can work out potential deals in the main thread or in a QT if you are invited to one of the private discussion rooms. Everyones votes. Your vote for President is private. Vote by telling me your choice in QT. You have until the end of the day to cast or change your vote.

You will also have until two hours before the end of the day to dissolve your campaign and exit the race. You can do this through a top level comment clearly stating that you are dropping out of the election.

Between the deadline to declare a campaign and the deadline to vote, I will give two updates on where the vote stands – just the number of votes, not attaching names to votes – before the final results are announced. Who voted for who will never be revealed by me, only the total results.

Once the day has ended, I will announce the results. If there is no tie for First Place, the Winner will be asked to choose one other contestant to share immunity with. If there is no tie for Last Place, the Last Place Contestant will be asked to choose who they want to compete with in the Death Match, which can be anyone who does not have immunity (So not running does not guarantee you are safe from elimination today). Death Match Procedures will follow. Tie Breaking procedures will be applied as necessary. I will also announce who has won Garnets as a result of the game.

Fast Facts

  1. The candidate with the most votes will be the winner. The one with the least votes will be up for elimination.
  2. Candidates may resign at any time of their campaigns and return to being only a voter.
  3. Each candidate will receive a campaign donation of 20 token and only the winner’s tokens will be converted into garnets.


Monday, June 1st, 1:00 PM EST: The deadline to announce a campaign for President.

Sometime, the afternoon of Monday, June 1st: The first early results are announced.

Sometime, the morning of Tuesday, June 2nd: The second early results are announced.

Tuesday, June 2nd, 12:00 PM EST: The deadline to drop out of the race for President.

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2:00 PM EST: The deadline to vote or change your vote, after which results will be announced. 

Players names will at the start of the day will come with their current amount of Garnets. Today, all players start with 5.

[spoiler titles= Players]

  1. Corporal Hicks – 5 Garnets
  2. Forget_it_Jake – 5 Garnets
  3. Owen1120 – 5 Garnets
  4. Spookyfriend – 5 Garnets
  5. The Wasp – 5 Garnets
  6. DW – 5 Garnets
  7. Hayes – 5 Garnets
  8. Nate the Lesser – 5 Garnets
  9. Emm – 5 Garnets
  10. Mr.ImMyOwnGrandpa – 5 Garnets
  11. Goat – 5 Garnets
  12. Josephus Brown – 5 Garnets
  13. Indy – 5 Garnets
  14. Sic Humor – 5 Garnets
  15. Ralph – 5 Garnets
  16. Grumproro – 5 Garnets
  17. Lindsay – 5 Garnets
  18. Donalbain – 5 Garnets
  19. ALKD – 5 Garnets
  20. Hoho ohno possum – 5 Garnets


Review the Sign-Up posts for the overall game rules, but if you’re not sure you’re keeping track of all of it, I would recommend just focusing on playing the current Day’s game.

I’ll note I updated the rule where I said “You may also ask me at any time to send a message directly to another player on your behalf” to you being allowed to PM 1 other player through me per day.

Check your QT’s for things like invites to join a QT discussion. You can ask me questions here or there. Please have fun!