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Clerks: The Animated Series Day Thread (May 31, 2020)

Today is the twentieth – twentieth! – anniversary of the debut of Kevin Smith’s ill-fated cartoon spin-off of his 1994 debut film Clerks. An animated series following the adventures of two losers working their dead-end, minimum wage jobs? Of course it was cancelled after two episodes! Fortunately the six completed episodes were saved and thrown out onto DVD, because it’s really very funny. The second episode was the “Best-Of” clips episode, to give an example of the tone Smith was going for with the show.

As well as the cast of the film lending their voices – Jay and Silent Bob no longer drug dealers of course, simply fun-loving rascals who sell fireworks to kids – Alec Baldwin appeared as Leonardo Leonardo, their arch-enemy and owner of the rival convenience store – the Quicker Stop – across the street.

It will come as no surprise that a two-decade old cartoon created by Kevin Smith has dated painfully in many ways, but the majority of the gags still land. On my shelf I still have the original “Inaction” figures of Dante and Randal that were made in the style of the show.

And remember: Who is driving? Bear is driving? How can that be?!

clerks animated body 1

Stay safe and stay excellent, everyone!