The Toybox Salutes A Real American Hero

This Memorial Day weekend, let’s take a look back at the Hasbro toyline – G.I. JOE!

Since 1964, G.I. Joe has been a part of many children’s childhoods.

In the 1980s, I first found out about G.I. Joe thanks to ads in the front cover of comic books. Sgt. Slaughter and “The Fridge” were in the newest line of Joes.

The 1980s also brought us the G.I. Joe cartoon. The PSAs at the end of each episode would impart knowledge to all those that watched it, because knowing was half the battle.

The never ending battle between Cobra and G.I. Joe would find it’s way to comic books and live action movies.

Let’s discuss the 50 plus years of G.I. Joe. Which side are you on? Which toys did you have?