30 Day Comic Book Challenge Day 30: Make It Into A Movie

Comics into movies and TV shows continues to be big business, employing many and bringing a lot of ancillary products into play which raises all boats along the way. We’ve seen the obvious strong push from Marvel Studios and the heavy lifting that DC Comics got done via the Batman trilogy of films. We’ve seen how The Walking Dead really opened people up to seeing there’s a lot more out there than superheroes. But we’ve also seen a lot of superheroes making their way to the small screen, which is still surprising. This season alone sees The Walking DeadGothamArrowFlashAgents of SHIELD and whole lot more in the years since.

That means there’s a lot of material to work with that can be brought out. I’m loving the superhero stuff to be sure, but I want to see more of the offbeat stuff starting to make its way to the big and small screen. I’d love to see Manifest Destiny get a TV series. Wayward was looking like prime anime adaptation material. There’s a slew of books that would be ripe.

The dream project at the moment for me though is a bit of a tie. I’d absolutely adore seeing East of West make its way to a huge big screen adaptation, but I’m not sure if it could pull it off. But even more than that, I want to see The Manhattan Projects get made into a series of big films. While it does give us that historical side to work with, going back to WW2 and all that went on there with familiar names, it also tells us that the entire history that we know is just a front for something larger, more amazing and a hell of a lot more bizarre when you get down to it. Seeing this world where the atomic bomb was just tinkering, exploring the idea of aliens, multiple personalities, doorways to other dimensions and one hell of a kick ass Einstein just speaks to the kind of awesomeness that you’d want to see striding across the screen. Original creators Jonathan Hickman and Nick Pitarra really went big with this series, that’s still running, and it’s overflowing with creativity and craziness about the true secret projects underneath the cover of The Manhattan Project.

Plot concept: What if the research and development department created to produce the first atomic bomb was a front for a series of other, more unusual, programs?