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Job Rants Thread – 5/22/2020 – Working From Home Edition IX: The Reopening?


Hey, all; Healthy Friday-


On Monday, Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker unveiled the four-stage plan for reopening the state. In this upcoming first stage. some businesses, such as construction services and hair salons are being permitted to operate in an obviously-limited capacity while others, such as most Boston-based office jobs, in a holding pattern until sometime after June 1st.

Will it work? I have no idea, though I can’t say that my general pessimism is feeling in any way abated. I’ll give credit where it’s due in saying that in the small moments of observation I’ve been able to make between grabbing groceries and then fleeing, vampire-like, back into my apartment lair, is that Bostonians seem to be good about following procedure. That having been said, there’s been considerable precedent throughout this lockdown for people to become…less reasonable when the idea of getting a creature comfort falls back into play, so who the hell even knows, anymore. All I know is that, due to the person-to-person nature of my job, I shouldn’t expect to see the inside of my office for quite awhile longer than some others.  Even when we do get the okay to come back in, if we’re still without a solid and proven vaccine, then the only way I would do so would have to be at gunpoint.


There’s my stir-crazy rant for the week, how about yours? What do your states’ reopening plans, and how are they affecting you? However they go, I wish you nothing but the safest of transitions.


As ever. have a safe and productive rest of the day, if out, safe trip home, and great weekend. And remember: The outside’s  not going anywhere; don’t rush it.