30 Day Comic Book Challenge Day 29: Recommend A Book To Try

We’ve spent most of the past thirty days talking about all sorts of things comic book related and it’s been an absolute blast. I suspect a lot of us have discovered at least a few things to try or a few things we really want to revisit that we’ve forgotten about. 

For today, the challenge is one that lets the passion of our inner fan run wild; recommend a book to the general readership here that you really think they ought to try and why.

My pitch is for Omega Men, which was a title I talked about previously. It’s one of the most creative modern uses of science fiction within an established shared universe where it avoided playing with Earth, for the most part, reinvented some great characters, and told a massive self-contained story that was unpredictable and utterly fascinating a the pieces fell into place. It’s likely the best series of the past decade that I’ve read and while it got critical acclaim it struggled in the sales area and I like to promote it whenever I can.

Check in tomorrow for our final installment on Saturday!