AvocaD&D and Tabletop Gaming Thread: Kids on Bikes, Part VIII

Welcome back to the weekly D&D and Tabletop Gaming thread!  Here’s a place where we can talk about Dungeons & Dragons or any other tabletop games that you nerds might be into.  Tell us about the games you’re playing, speculate about future expansions, recruit your fellow Avocados into new groups, whatever you want.

Today I’m taking a close look at Way of Shadow Monk subclass.  Monks who follow this tradition place heavy emphasis on stealth and subterfuge.  shadowmonkIf you want to play as a ninja assassin, this is the Monk for you.

Starting at 3rd level, this Monk has already mastered certain Shadow Arts, allowing them to channel there ki for some spell-like effects.  As an action, they can use 2 ki points to cast the Darkness, Darkvision, Pass Without Trace, or Silence spells, and they also learn the Minor Illusion cantrip, which can be cast at will.

At level 6, they gain the ability to Shadow Step, moving from one area of dim light or darkness to another in the blink of an eye.  While in dim light or darkness, the Shadow Monk can use a bonus action to teleport to another area of dim light or darkness up to 60 feet away.  This also grants advantage on the first melee attack made on the same turn after you teleport.

At 11th level, the Shadow Monk can cover themselves with a Cloak of Shadows.  While you are in an area of dim light or darkness, you can use your action to become invisible.  This lasts until you make an attack or cast a spell, or move into an area of bright light.

Finally, at level 17, the Monk learns to take advantage of momentary distractions.  The Opportunist ability allows them to use a reaction to make a melee attack against a creature that has just been hit by an attack from another creature.

One of the nice things about this subclass is that most of the abilities don’t rely on your ki, which means that those ki points can be used for the already-powerful base Monk abilities like Flurry of Blows or Stunning Strike.

We’re taking a break from D&D to try a new game, Kids on Bikes!  Otto took over GM duties, to give The Wasp a chance to play her own character.


We stayed in the clearing with the giant tree, digging, until the sun came up and the twig creatures disappeared.  We all went home to sleep after that, but a few of us made plans to head back out to the woods with shovels at least.  My folks weren’t happy with me being out all night, and coming home covered in dirt, but I was too exhausted to really care what they said.  I crashed hard and slept most of the day.  I missed school, but there were more important things going on.

In the afternoon, I met up again with Dino, Monica, and Mindy, and we headed back into the woods, along with Alice.  Susie told us her dad, the mayor, wouldn’t let her out of his sight.  And he planned on gathering up a crowd at the weekly town meeting that night to go out and try to destroy the twig creatures.  Maybe bringing him with us the night before hadn’t been a great idea.  Anyway, Susie said she’d try and buy us some time by running interference on whatever mob her dad could put together, and the rest of us took off into the woods.  We needed some help from Mrs. Foot to find that stone table again, but from there Dino was able to guide us back to the tree clearing.  We warned the Bigfoots that there might be an angry mob coming out, and then started digging.

As the sun went down the big tree came to life again, and twig creatures reappeared.  They started pretty much ignored us, unless we stopped digging.  We still really had no idea whether what we were doing was right–I felt like the big tree just wanted to get away, but really it was just as likely that it wanted to destroy our town and kill everyone in it.  I was considering whether to put my shovel down and walk away when the twig things all stopped moving for a minute.  Then about half of them took off into the woods.  A few minutes later, we heard someone screaming horribly, and then the twig things came back with fresh blood and people chunks on their claws.  I guess someone had gotten too close for comfort.  After that I decided it was safest to just keep digging.

I don’t know how long we were out there, but finally there was a huge snapping sound and the giant tree lifted itself fully out of the ground.  The huge tangle of roots below it contained what looked like hundreds of bones of all shapes and sizes.  The tree didn’t waste much time once it was free.  It just took off into the woods, thankfully not towards town, all the twig creatures following along.  I guess we sort of saved the town.

When we got back, Susie told us that her dad had called an emergency vote or something in the town meeting to try and get people to follow him into the forest.  But most of the town just thought he had gone crazy.  Only a handful of people tried going into the woods, and most of them had headed for the Bigfoot village. Susie managed to get away from her dad and headed off into the woods to warn Mrs. Foot, and managed to get to the village first, but it was already deserted.  All but one of the small mob made it back to town safely, and they said that last guy had gone off on his own instead of sticking with the group.  I guess that’s who we’d heard screaming that time.
With the “First People” gone, there were no more attacks on animals.  Mayor Quince was removed from office because everyone thought he was crazy.  But other than that, everything pretty much went back to normal.