The Politics Thread Asks If You Want To Play A Game

Considering the way fears of each generation, or even each decade, can change, it’s sometimes hard to remember what it was like living under past ones. We’ll all certainly remember the COVID-19 pandemic for the remainder of our lives, but there are bigger ones coming in the future that will likely make this look quaint.

This came to mind today in reading that this day in 1958 saw the US & Canada form North American Air Defense Command (NORAD). That became something embedded in both conspiracy theory and entertainment for years to come – and Christmastime as well with the eventual Santa Tracker. But it also serves a lot of critical purpose even still.

But if you were a kid growing up in the 80s and dealing with the nuclear threat, NORAD was invariably a part of any story about how things would be dealt with and there was quite the chilling factor for many people in how the thought of nuclear war was basically being played out as a game (even if you do understand the logic of it).

What we’re experiencing now shall pass at some point, for better and worse, and something else is yet to come. And that’s important because we live in the here and now and must make the most of those moments, in big and small ways.

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