Comic Book Review – Plunge

It’s been awhile since I have posted a comic book review.

Our county went yellow on Friday, May 15th and the first place I visited was the local comic shop. I was looking for a new comic book series to read and to make a purchase to support the recently reopened Geekadrome. I decided on Plunge by Joe Hill and Stuart Immonen.

In the wake of a massive tsunami, the Coast Guard receives a distress signal from the survey ship Derleth, which has been sending out a call for help since April 1983!

Captain Gage Carpenter is approached by David Lacome, the Vice President of Special Projects at Rococo International, to lead a rescue and recovery operation for the Derleth. After a tense back and forth between Gage and Lacome, the Captain decides to take on the mission.

Gage is joined by his brothers Clark and Russell, Lacome, and Moriah and Bill, two deepwater researchers on the journey to Russia.

What will the crew find when they reach the derelict ship and will they survive to tell their tale?

Mr. Hill crafts a tale of horror on the high seas that pays homage to such 80s classics as The Thing, The Fog, and Night of the Creeps. It’s nice to see Mr. Immonen drawing this six -issue miniseries. The art renderings of aquatic life in these two issues are both breathtaking yet terrifying. Both issues end on a cliffhanger that get your heart thumping and neck sweat running.

It’s not too late to take the Plunge before Issue #3 is released Wednesday May 20th, 2020.