30 Day Comic Book Challenge Day 26: Favorite Publisher

Watching my evolution as a comic book fan has definitely been an interesting one since I first got into it during the waning days of the 1970’s as a little type that discovered my first Star Wars comic. I grew up as a Marvel fanboy through a lot of the 80’s because it’s what I was introduced to and it was readily available on the newsstands for me to grab whenever I rode my bike downtown with friends. While I spent my early and formative days with Spider-Man, the Uncanny X-Men and a slew of other titles all over the map from Marvel, I started to make my entry into the world of DC Comics through a friend that was more interested in them. That came at a time when the Crisis on Infinite Earths material was coming out, coinciding with the discovery of the direct market comic book retailer. That exposed me to a larger world of books than I could have imagined and with the relaunch of the DC universe, I got in on that on the ground floor.

That carried me through the mid 90’s when I abandoned comics completely.

When I started to make my return to comics in the last five or six years, I naturally went back to DC and found a lot of familiarity and enjoyed revisiting old friends and characters. And I got into the New 52 launch, the animated films and all the fun of the characters that I had grown up and evolved with myself.

Because of the amount of writing I do, I see a whole lot from a lot of publishers and there are some great works out there. I don’t limit myself to just one publisher and I really don’t get into the comparisons and other fanboy battles about publishers and creators. I just enjoy the books. While DC Comics may not be hitting it out of the park for me at the moment, they’ve published the characters I love and enjoy more than most others and that earns them the position of being my favorite publisher.