Best “Best Picture” Winner Tournament Results

For 2 weeks, The Avocado has participated on voting which film is the best that ever won the Oscar for Best Picture. 93 films have been voted on by the members of The Avocado community, but only one film can only claim the top prize. Without further ado, here are the results of the “Best ‘Best Picture’ Winner Tournament”:

3rd Place

For third place, the bronze medal goes to the film about an FBI cadet being assigned to a top level case by her superiors to capture a serial killer after the daughter of a prominent politician was abducted by said serial killer. But in order to be one step ahead of the killer, the cadet enlists the help of another serial killer who is incarcerated for killing his victims through unsettling means. Third place goes to:

The Silence of the Lambs

Best Picture Winner of the 64th Academy Awards (1992)

2nd Place

2nd place goes to film about the first of the saga of an Italian-American family and their family business of the mafia. Although the youngest son doesn’t want to be involved with the family business, destiny has steered him into that direction after his father has been caught in an assassination attempt from a rival family. The son must decide whether he must join his family, or leave it all behind for a new life. The silver medal goes to:

The Godfather

Best Picture winner of the 45th Academy Awards (1972)

1st Place

And now the winner of the “Best ‘Best Picture’ Winner” tournament. The winner goes to the film that takes in a city in then Nazi-occupied French territory of Morocco during the early years of World War II. In that city is a nightclub owned by a cynical American with most of his club patrons being French refugees. As if struck by fate, the American nightclub owner is surprise to see his old love, who is planning to escape the city with her husband who is a French resistance fighter. The American must decide whether to reconnect his love or to reawaken his broken ideals and help her and her husband escape. The winner of this tournament is…


Best Picture winner of the 16th Academy Awards (1944)

For the full rankings of the tournmanent I made a list through my Letterboxd account. Link is down below. Thank you all for participating in this tournament.