30 Day Comic Book Challenge Day 25: Your Favorite Artist

With as many artists as there are out there, a favorite is a hard thing to pin down because so many have done so many unique and influential things that it’s a disservice to any of them in a way. I grew up with the changes of the 80’s and have a longstanding affection for what John Byrne does. I love Kevin Maguire’s style with Justice League. Frank Miller defined Daredevil for so long and made huge leaps with Batman and The Dark Knight Returns. I adore Dave Gibbons not just for Watchmen, but a lot of his independent works. Dave McKean, Jim Starlin, Jill Thompson… the list goes on and on with what so many strong artists have done.

But what I love is an artist who can take the familiar and really tweak it in a new way. Which is why I love whenever I see new Skottie Young variant covers solicited from Marvel. His take reminds me of the humorous side we saw in the 80’s in Marvel Age where it was good to skewer the things you owned, but in a loving way. His covers and works have such an adorable and accessible side to it, similar to what Art Baltazar and Franco do with many of their high energy kids style works, that you just fall all the more in love with it.

Check out a sampling below of some of the adorableness!