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The Weekend Politics Thread with special guest

This week we have a guest PT host, whose social studies project this week was learning what the news is from reading articles. She has attempted an article of her own below. She’s also just fresh off a quarantined 8th birthday so, be gentle. 

Animal Crossing Island Fun

I want to talk about Animal Crossing. This week for school I learned what an article is. It’s like a page in a book or a newspaper or online that talks about a subject. One of those subjects can be news. When I hear news I think of an article. Like people murdering someone, or puppies, like missing animals, or Donald Trump. DON’T DRINK CLEANING SUPPLIES. You can learn a lot from articles. I want this one to be like an adult long one. Cool things you can put in an  article are like years a famous person was born, and cool articles can be about famous people. There can be pictures and like twitter things. I think we should put a little tweet in here, I want to do a funny joke tweet or a meme. Some articles can be interviews. 


I found this from typing “Animal Crossing meme” on Google. It’s funny.

Mom: Would you like this article to have an interview?

Intrepid Young News Reporter who has Requested She Be Referred to as Kid: Yes. Interview me. 

Mom: why would someone choose a news tv show over an article?

Kid: because some people like tv shows more than articles and don’t like to read a lot, so they make an article about it and a TV show. 

Mom: which would have more facts?

Kid: depends on what tv show it is.

Mom: ooooh very good. What do you know about Fox News?

Kid: I LOVE Fox news.

Mom: (this has taken a turn) wait what?

Kid: that’s whatThe Masked Singer is on!

Mom: oh no honey that’s just Fox, Fox News is different. If you had to write an article about anything what would you want to write it about?

Kid: Animal Crossing. Or YouTube! YouTube is a good thing for if you want to learn how to do something. There are how-tos for karate and Jojo Siwa dancing. Aren’t you gonna ask me more questions? 

Mom: I have to think of them.

Kid: shouldn’t you look up good interview questions?

Mom: woooooow okay. What news do you have to report?

Kid: Animal Crossing is a very fun game, and you could do anything-ANYTHING on there. It just came out and there’s already a bunch of people playing it, and I mean like a LOT of people playing it. Just a BUNCH. 

Mom: and do you have any political thoughts to express?

Kid: I don’t want COVID to be a real thing, I don’t want it to be here. I want to go back to school. But it is a real thing. It makes me feel a little scared, well really scared definitely, makes me cry a lot.

Mom: Do you think we’ll fix it?

Kid: no. I mean we might, we might find a cure so we can make it better so we can take medicine but I don’t think it’ll go away completely. What if like, my really good friends and you and the people I love die; that’s gonna be a big change to me. We’ll go back to school eventually, I wouldn’t be okay with never going back to school. But until then, I can play Animal Crossing.