A Bonnie “Prince” Billy Day Thread (5/16)

Today is not Bonnie “Prince” Billy’s birthday.1 He didn’t release a new album today.2 As far as I know, he did nothing particularly interesting or important today that is worthy of commemorating. So why am I dedicating today’s thread to him? Because five years ago today I had the most perfect day and married the most perfect person. No, I’m not married to Bonnie “Prince” Billy. But he is one of our favorite musicians, and he was featured on our wedding playlist. We love his music so much that whenever we travel we make sure we visit the local record stores to see if we can add to our ever growing collection of Bonnie “Prince” Billy albums. One day, we hope to have a complete collection. The fact that he puts out a ridiculous amount of music makes that a difficult task, but it’s a fun activity anyway. He also just so happens to have some of the best love songs ever, in my very humble opinion. So, long story short, today’s a special day for us, and because I’m a dork I wanted to celebrate it by featuring some of my favorite Bonnie “Prince” Billy songs. 

Yesterday was a lark
And today was a bear
Tomorrow is an octopus
You can look for me there

In addition to the above song, “West Palm Beach”, “At the Back of the Pit”, and “New Partner” are three more great tunes I’ll be listening to on this special day. Yay for anniversaries, music, and day threads!