The Friday Politics Threadgate

Good Morning Politicadoes.  Happy Friday!  You may have heard that Obama did something so horrible, so criminal, so unjustifiable that they locked him up in a gated community and threw away the key.  Or something like that.  Look, you all know what he did.

But, lest we all laugh at the President’s latest attempts to deflect, I think we need to look inward.  How many scandals have we at the PT already been responsible for?  We all know about Downvotegate, but what about that time a certain member only disliked some shit (NateGate)?  Or when a certain Werewolf player tried to sell nuclear secrets to Paraguay (McGatorGate)?  Or when the former Friday PT writer kited all those checks (PotatoGait)?  And yours truly was arrested for stalking the villain of the movie Road House (BenGazzara!)

Anyway, in local news, the NJ Shore will be open for business on Memorial Day weekend, with social distancing rules applied.  So assume there will be some nice tan lines around those masks.

In this week’s Rosebaby update, her new thing is come into a room and loudly shout “Hi-eeee” at whoever is there.

As always. keep in mind this is a place of peace, love and understanding.  And Empathy!  Don’t post anything that would hurt feelings of random readers.  And don’t post anything that will get the Avocado sued, like violent threats against rodent politicians.  Lastly, if you see anything that is being reposted super-frequently and bringing the conversation to a halt, put up the clam signal.  Have a lovely day!

Oh, and here’s a fun video from the Mr. Show people, plus a few special guests.  And 1 or 2 guests that aren’t so special.