30 Day Comic Book Challenge Day 20: Favorite Super Power

The question that gets asked of most people at one time in their life, comic book fan or not, is that if you could have any superpower, what would it be? Often that leads to a bit of a psychological analysis of course, but still, there’s something fun about thinking about what your power would be. There’s always an easy way out by saying you’d want to be like a particular character that has lots of interconnected abilities or someone like the Taskmaster that can copy any power since that lets you have whatever you want to some degree. But that is cheating! 😀

I’ve always found that while I’d certainly be interested in things like flying, strength, or the usual big powers, I end up coming down to just a couple that really draws me in. Like a lot of people, invisibility is, a huge draw for a lot of reasons. Being unseen so you can just get things done, or being like the Invisible woman with her powers in using them in more interesting ways with a connection to telekinesis, there’s a whole host of possibilities to work with. I enjoyed that character in the 80’s when they really started working on expanding her power set so it wasn’t just turning invisible but doing actual physical things with the abilities.

But then I also get my mortality playing a part in the question of the game of powers and that leads me to be drawn to the few immortal characters that exist. The idea of playing a long, grand game in regards to power, position, wealth, and influence over the course of centuries is intriguing and I keep coming back to that as the real power that I’d want to have in order to really make something happen.