Werewolf 122 – Drag Race Season 122 Day 2

The work room was quiet. It was late, the lights were off, and everything was still. Except for one queen.

Tilda Swinton was frantically sewing yet another off-white pantsuit for the upcoming challenge. She was so goddamned intense that she didn’t even hear them enter.

“Seems like a Booger’s work is never done,” one of them said.

Tilda snapped her head towards them.

“A real queen comes prepared, darling,” another said with a wry grin.

And before Tilda could even unhinge her jaw to expose the layers of shark teeth she had hidden there, one of them hit her on the back of the head with a bedazzled Louboutin.

Tilda Swinton, XenoBioQueen (SPINY CREATURE) is DEAD. She was a Booger (VANILLA TOWN.)


Back at the hotel, Emerald was furious. Not only had someone stolen her Sun Incinerator again, but it looked like one of these busted queens was gonna steal her crown!

She stared at herself in the mirror with her one non-jewel eye, scrunching her face and shrilly screaming in frustration.

“I tend to think emotions are for ugly people.”

She didn’t even have a chance to see who spoke the words before the her one good eye was gouged out by the giant purple dildo that was hurtling towards her.


BenDeLaCreme v.2 has been ACTIVATED. 


“Hello hello hello!

Oh no, we’re missing a few girls. I guess the pressure was just too much. Or maybe someone had it out for them. Who could know?

But we’re still all sisters!

Better get over it fast though, and get ready for that mini-challenge.

The runway theme for today, in honor of Tilda and Emerald, is Andromeda Galaxy Eleganza.

Gentlemen, start your engines. And may the best woman win!”


Today’s mini-challenge will be announced at 4PM CST on Thursday May 7th.


Each day a runway theme will be introduced. This is purely for fun, but feel free to post a picture of the look you would be sporting for that theme. Today’s runway theme is Andromeda Galaxy Eleganza.



  • LATRICE ROYALE (TOWN COP) – “She is large and in charge, chunky, yet funky. Bold and Beautiful baby.” Latrice submits a target each night to be investigated. Town and unaffiliated players return as “Booger,” Wolves return as “Heather” (except for Sharon Needles). She cannot target the same player two nights in a row.
  • STACY LAYNE MATTHEWS (TOWN JAILER) – “Who the fuck is Heather? I wanna know.”  Each night, Stacy submits a target to be roleblocked and protected. The target will not be immune to investigation. She cannot target the same player two nights in a row.
  • ALASKA THUNDERFUCK 5000 (VENGEFUL) – “Anus-thing is possible.” Alaska is a normal town player. However, if she is day-killed, she may choose another player to die with her on her way out.
  • BENDELACREME V.2 (ELITE BODYGUARD) – “DeLa for short, De for shorter, Ms. Creme if you’re nasty!” Each night, Ben must choose someone to guard. If the player is targeted for a night-kill, Ben dies in her stead, taking out the killer as well. She cannot protect the same player twice in a row. If Ben dies without her power being used, a new VT will be appointed to take her place, unless there are six or fewer living players, or all other VT are dead.
  • 10 7 VANILLA TOWN – Contestants on Drag Race Season 122.


  • SHANGELA LAQUIFA WADLEY (WOLF STRONGMAN) – “I’m the Daenerys Targaryen of drag.” When it’s Shangela’s turn to kill, she can’t be blocked, unless her target is protected by BenDeLaCreme.
  • TRIXIE MATTEL (WOLF ROLE COP) – “I like my men like I like my coffee… incapable of loving me back.” Each night, Trixie submits a player’s name to be investigated. Town players with roles will return a result of “Roled,” vanilla town and unaligned players will return a result of “Vanilla,” and Sharon Needles will return the result of “Heather.”
  • RAJA GEMINI (WOLF ROLEBLOCKER) – “I have a master’s degree in FIERCE.” Each night, Raja can block the actions of one player. She cannot block the same player two nights in a row.
  • SHARON NEEDLES (TRAITOR) – “I look spooky, but I’m really nice!… At least for now.” Sharon is a Heather, but the Heathers don’t know it! Sharon will not participate in the Heather QT, but she will know who the Heathers are and share their win condition. If investigated by the Boogers, she will return a result of “Booger.” If investigated by the Heathers, she will return a result of “Sharon Needles.” If she is the final Heather standing, she loses and town (or the SK) wins.

One Heather will be sent out each evening to commit the Heather kill. If that specific player is blocked, then the Heather night-kill will not occur.


  • WILLAM BELLI (SK) – “Your tone seems very pointed right now.” Willam is a good ol’ run-of-the-mill serial killer. She wins when everyone else is dead, or when the only other living player is Katya.
  • YEKATERINA PETROVNA “KATYA” ZAMOLODCHIKOVA (SURVIVOR) – “I’m not actually that young, I’m just ignorant.” Katya wins (in addition to another faction) if she is still living at the end of the game.



1. Emmelemm (Kitty Witless)

2. MacCrocodile (Cuca)

3. sagittariuskim (Valentina)

4. Goat (Goat Exotic)

5. Fuwfuwa (Demi Monde)

6. April (April Showers)

7. Hoho (Good Kitty)

8. A Dopehead in a Cubs Cap (Lamb Chop)

9. Owen (Sully Sullenberger)

10. Ralph (Ivana Ralph)

11. Clodia

12. Hayes (Dick Dastardly)

13. Mr. I’m My Own Grandfather (Coilette)

14. Lord Stoneheart (Emerald)BENDELACREME V.1 

15. Tiff Aching’s Golden Hare (Dorothé Zpermdoc)

16. MSD (Evanga-Dean Lillies)

17. Inndeeeeeeeed (Dirty Madame Indya E. Merrin)VANILLA TOWN

18. Lindsay (Kitty Galore)

19. Wasp (The 13th Doctor)

20. Cop on the Edge-ish (Cop in Drag)

21. Spiny (Tilda Swinton, XenoBioQueen)VANILLA TOWN


1. Nate the Lesser

2. Jake


  • Please roleplay as a drag queen in season 122 of Drag Race. Beyond that, the world is your oyster.
  • Each day will have a mini-challenge and a maxi-challengeJust like in the television show, the winner of the mini-challenge might get a prize that’s substantial and change the game, or it might be totally meaningless. The maxi-challenge will be the day’s vote.
  • The order of actions will be roleblocking and protection first, and then whatever order will result in the most actions going through.
  • Ties result in RNG between the tied players.
  • Wolves share a QT. SHARON NEEDLES is not part of that QT.
  • You win if your faction is the last one standing or it is mathematically impossible for another faction to win. A tied final day will result in a special ending.
  • You must make a minimum of three posts per day to avoid being mod-killed or replaced. Do not quote from your QTs. DO NOT EDIT YOUR COMMENTS.


You are one of the Boogers (Vanilla Town), a simple Drag Race contestant. As such, you have only your Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent (and the power of your vote) to get rid of those conniving Heathers and win this thing.


CONTENT NOTE: Drag culture can be a joyous, gender-expansive thing. It also struggles with its own misogyny, racism, and transphobia. I would ask that we refrain from engaging in problematic language, sexist slurs, and the appropriation of African-American Vernacular English. Please keep that in mind as you jump into your roleplaying.