The Creative Endeavors Thread Wonders What It’s Missing

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It feels like I’ve finally hit a creative groove given the new normal, which is just as well considering all the extra free time I have; my job has now stabilized at three days a week. Though I’ve talked about this more pertinently before in Job Rants and the Seriousness Thread, there’s a lot about the situation that’s actually been personally beneficial, but it’s hard to focus on given the enormity of what’s happening and the threat it poses to a world I not only love but which has also provided me with both creative fuel and material.

Our governor, as expected, extended our shelter-in-place for a few weeks, but word on the street is that there’s likely to be some kind of partial reopening of bars and restaurants thereafter (unlikely, I suspect, to differ much from what’s already been happening); the uncertainty doesn’t disappear but mutates. While I’ve found I’ve been functioning pretty well after the initial shock and disorientation, this has definitely not been the case for many of my social and occupational friends and acquaintances (many of whom were admittedly in worse places than myself psychologically and financially to begin with), and not a little of that stems from the lack of social and culinary connection previously found in the bars, restaurants and clubs where we all work, schmooze, or both.

Given that much of my “real-life” illustration work has centered or attempted to center on said world, I’ve been pondering whether it ought to accurately reflect the present times (deserted public spaces, facemasks on hardy interlopers, etc.) or whether I ought to celebrate the Before-and-Hopefully-After-and-Even-More-Hopefully-Better-Time by sticking with life as I more or less knew it before March 2020. I’m basically at sea on this and already guessing that the tension will define my May if not more.

Pictured above: My now-weekly “virtual happy hour,” generally involving an appetizer from my primary local (chicken tenders) and a beer from my secondary local (Arbor Peninsularity IPA), as well as a book for company (John Crowley’s 1981 New Weird progenitor Little, Big). Not the same, but a decent reminder.

How’s your work going?