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The 27th Day Day Thread (May 5, 2020)

Five seemingly random people from nations around the world are transported aboard a spaceship by a being who calls himself “The Alien”, and are each given a device that can destroy all human life on Earth. They have 27 days to decide what to do with this power. This is the premise of the 1957 science-fiction film The 27th Day, directed by William Asher and starring Gene Barry, best known for his role in George Pal’s version of The War of the Worlds; and George Voskovec, juror number eleven in Twelve Angry Men.

27th day body

Cold War tensions and the frightful ability to destroy the world are of course the primary themes of this movie, considering it was made in the era of the Hydrogen bomb. It zips along in less than ninety minutes and is available to watch on YouTube:

Keep safe, keep well, and keep watching the stars, everyone!