Best “Best Picture” Winner Round 1 – 92 Films Have Entered the Ring

The tournament to decide of which film that has won the Oscar for Best Picture has begun! I debated on whether on using both winners and nominees or just the winners for this tournament, butI decided to go with just the winners to make this very simple and more interesting. I also decided to go for films that have won instead of going for the usual nominations round to shorten it to the usual 64 picks since it’s that short and also making it more interesting.

92 films have won the top prize at the Oscars, but now it’s time for The Avocado to decide which is the best film to win Best Picture. I have seeded the tournament for Round 1 based on (some kind of) similarities between the two films. For the rest of the tournament after round 1, it will go to the basic seeding method (most upvotes vs lowest upvotes).

Voting is closed for 48 hours. So get to it my fellow Cados!