30 Day Comic Book Challenge Day 15: What We’re Reading In The Time Of Corona

With the majority of comic book shops having shut down as we went further into April and very little in the way of new comics being released, it’s certainly a tough time for getting your hands on new material. There are some things there as smaller publishers are bringing out new books creatively and through digital means and it’s also a great chance to dig into the big piles of books almost all of us invariably end up having.

For me, I’ve been working through three different sources to when it comes to new comics. First, I’ve been enjoying my DC Universe membership even more as I’m reading through the first six issues of The Green Lantern and started in on Bendis’ run of Superman. I’m also going back to classics with the late 80s Spectre and a run on Sun Devils.

I’m also getting new comics via ComiXology that are new to me as DC Comics has put out their individual chapters from the DC Giants books. I’ve never had access to these books in print form so they may be reprints but they’re also digital for the first time and accessible to me for the first time. These are largely standalone tales – something we rarely get in arc-driven series these days – and they’re simply accessible and fun.

Finally, I’ve had the opportunity to check out a lot of what Shonen Jump has been adding as they’ve been a digital magazine for a long time and new chapters have still been rolling in – though that may change soon.

What have you been reading?

Note: We’ll be back next Tuesday as the comics section has special plans for May the Fourth!