Avocado Day Thread

The K Day Thread (April 30, 2020)

The year: 1996, the time for a teenaged Snail to take his first steps into the world of music. Was I one of the cool kids who were undoubtedly memorizing Morrisey lyrics or poring over the tracklisting on old Joy Division vinyls? No, I asked my mother to sign up to one of those Columbia House “Five CDs for a Button” deals primarily so I could get Jeff Wayne’s “War of the Worlds” remastered double-disc edition. However, one of my other choices was “K” – the debut album by Kula Shaker.

kula shaker body

Whilst seemingly barely making a ripple in the US, the album became the fasted selling debut album here in the UK. Even so, reviews were mixed, to put it mildly. Critics took glee in deriding the band, and lead singer Crispian Mills in particular, as being nothing but posh Richmond-On-Thames tosspots ripping off the Grateful Dead and shamelessly appropriating all things Eastern.

I didn’t know all this though, I was just a dumb twelve-year-old who thought they rocked. Even today I can still sing along to the lyrics of every song, thanks to repeated listening forcing them all into my soft, squishy teenage brain.

Have a fun day, a safe day, and a healthy day, everyone!