Shoeless Trivia: Current Events

Even though “current” is an amorphous concept these days, I’m going to return to the convention that Wednesdays are for the news.

  1. What Heisman Trophy winner out of LSU was chosen first overall in the 2020 NFL draft?
  2. Under a deal reached on April 20, what man will replace Benjamin Netanyahu as Prime Minister of Israel in 18 months?
  3. Name the politician being portrayed by SNL cast member Cecily Strong in the still below. In the context of the sketch, she is not waving, but providing a geography lesson.strivia172_1
  4. April 19 saw a mass shooting that left 22 people dead in what Canadian province?
  5. What theater chain responded to Universal Studios’ announcement that it would being releasing its films for home streaming on the same day as their theatrical release by saying it would no longer exhibit any films from Universal?

  1. Joe Burrow
  2. Benny Gantz
  3. Gretchen Whitmer
  4. Nova Scotia
  5. AMC