30 Day Comic Book Challenge Day 13: Your Go-To Rereads

In its original question, we’re simply asked what book you’ve read more than five times. I could probably fill a large list of that since I used to re-read books a ton when I was younger – and had the time. I do that far less these days, especially since I have access to so many books and want to read new things, but there are a slate of books that really are my go-to books for reading over the years. They’re the titles that I bought when they were singles. And then got a trade along the way. And then got a more elaborate trade later on. And then caved and bought them digitally as well to savor and enjoy in a different ways.

It’s the small library of titles that I really want to have out almost in a coffee table book kind of way. A slate of books that I would easily share with people to try and get them to sample and explore.

The books that I continually re-read and look at it new ways as I get older includes:

  • Secret Wars – It doesn’t age well in some ways, especially the lightness of characterization, but it’s one of the big early crossover titles
  • Crisis on Infinite Earths – Just the sheer beauty and scale of the artwork, story, variety of characters and how well you can empathize with it
  • Animal Man – Pretty much the entire Grant Morrison run as I find new twists and meanings each time
  • Batman: Year One – Definitive for a reason
  • Watchmen – Largely the book that I’d classify s my favorite of all, almost.
  • Infinity Gauntlet – The larger exploration of the Marvel Cosmic Universe at the time, I just re-read it again and the Secret Wars problems are here as well, but it’s just a lot of fun.

And last but by no means least…

  • Legion: Five Years Later – My love of the Legion is profound, but the stories that really move me involves the radical Five Years Later storyline from Giffen and Gordon.  This is the storyline and material that I’d probably say I have a love affair with that just moves me in ways I cannot explain.