30 Day Comic Book Challenge Day 11: Favorite Comic Book Animated Series

One of the tougher questions of this 30 day challenge is definitely this one for me. Having grown up on Saturday morning cartoons, when they existed in a different golden age, I had the fun of the old Fantastic Four shows and the Spider-Man and his friends stuff that played in the X-Men realm a bit as well. I missed out on a lot of 90’s shows and haven’t gone back for the most part, but I’ve enjoyed a lot of series in the last decade from Justice League to the Teen Titans Go show because the comedy is fun and my kids were totally into it being at the right age. And, it made shows like Titans and Doom Patrol something they connected with years later

When getting down to a favorite though, there are a few shows of the last several years that really stand out. I was completely in love with the Legion of Super-Heroes show we had and really hate that it got killed so quickly and hasn’t had a proper full season Blu-ray home video release. I was also a really big fan of what we got with the Green Lantern: The Animated Series. I’ve also found myself getting into the Justice League shows from a few years ago and totally got won over by Brave and the Bold with its campy fun

But the one that I felt as the biggest loss for fans was that of Young Justice. Establishing itself in its own timeline but working with familiar story ideas and using the older characters in some great ways, the show told a fantastic storyline over two seasons and then managed a really surprising revival years later to dig into more o fit. And these were stories and layered storytelling that really challenged the viewers. The time leap between seasons certainly made it complicated as it took quite a few episodes to reveal itself, but that kind of challenging is welcome on TV and for kids of a younger age that are watching as it’s not just being spoon fed to them.

With a wide range of characters, some great emotion and character building, lots of action and excellent use of the two tiers of heroes throughout, Young Justice is pretty much my favorite and what I think is the best of the best, especially since it didn’t fall into the familiar trap of being Batman-centric.

Which series has connected with you the most?