WW121: The Haunting of Lupine Manor—Chapter 5

April 30, XXXXX—10:00am—The weather mirrors the day they first arrived, the sun shining, the light winds fair

Two weeks in Lupine Manor have flown by quickly. You stare at your packed bags, feeling lost. Despite everythingthe fear, the monsters, the deathsyou still feel the manor’s pull.

It is with great reluctance that you take your bags and head down the staircase, meeting everyone else at the landing. Far fewer of you will leave the manor than have entered, and looking around, you realize your number is further diminished by one.

The 80s Guy (Gramps) is dead. He was Dr. Montague (Doctor).

Your sleep was unbroken last night. It’s as if the manor quietly took care someone it knew was a threat to itself.

Olivia stands in front of the remaining guests.

“I want to thank you all for coming to Lupine Manor at, it is obvious now, great risk to your lives.” Her face is somber. “But we have learned so much about this house, and I believe that it’s safe to conclude that there is indeed something unnatural inhabiting it.

“I will be staying at the manor to observe it further, but you are all free to leave. If you’re curious about my findings, I will send you a copy of my study once it’s complete.”

You glance at each other uncertainly. All of your luggage is at your feet; the entrance to the manor is only a few feet away. So many of you have died. You should be eager to take the opportunity to leave. And yet…

Before anyone could say anything, the loud creak of a door breaks the silence. It sounds like it’s coming from deep in the manor.

In silent agreement, all of you leave your bags behind and head towards the direction of the sound, walking deeper and deeper into the house until you stand in front of a red door.

You dimly remember walking past it several times during your stay, but you don’t recall ever stopping to investigate it. You find that strange, because looking at it now, it stands out from the rest of the manor. And it is now slightly open, a faint light streaming out of the sliver between the door and the frame.

The Red Room

You hesitate for a moment before stepping forward, hand reaching out to pull the door fully open.


Whoever you daykill today will be the intrepid volunteer who goes into the Red Room first. They will die/get eaten by the house. There are no additional mechanics/reveals. It’s just spoopy flavor.



  • 16 9 Vanilla Town Ordinary Guests
  • 1 Town Cop – Theodora (Submits a target each night to be investigated. Wolves return as “Scum” (except the Wolf Spy), Town and SK return as “Town”. They cannot target the same player twice in a row.)
  • 1 Jailkeeper – Mrs. Dudley (Submits a target each night to be roleblocked and protected. Target will not be immune from being investigated. They cannot target themselves or the same player twice in a row.)
  • 1 Doctor – Dr. Montague (Submits a target each night to be protected. Target will not be immune from being investigated. They cannot target themselves or the same player twice in a row.)
  • 1 Three-Shot Vigilante – Luke Sanderson (They can submit a target to kill three times in the night phase. The target will be killed unless protected. The shot is used even if the kill fails. They cannot target the same player twice in a row.)


  • 1 Wolf Spy – Poppy (Returns as Town if investigated.)
  • 1 Wolf Role Cop – Bent-Neck Lady (Submits a target each night to be investigated. Town players with roles will return as “Roled”. Vanilla Town and Serial Killers will return as “Vanilla”. They cannot target the same player twice in a row.)
  • 3 2 Vanilla Wolves – Manor Ghosts

Wolves have the combined ability to roleblock for the first three nights. This ability will disappear after the third night. They cannot target the same player twice in a row.


  • 2 1 Serial KillersReligious Fanatics (Submits ONE target TOGETHER each night to kill. The target will be killed unless protected. They cannot target the same player twice in a row.)
  • Order of night actions – Roleblocks and protections go through first, then all other actions go through in the order that allows the most actions to happen.
  • Ties result in RNG between the top vote-getters.
  • Wolves share a QT. Serial Killers share a QT.
  • Win condition for all players – You win if your faction is the last one standing or if it’s mathematically impossible for another faction to win.
  • Any player spreadsheets should stop being updated at the player’s death. Another (living) player can continue the same spreadsheet.
  • The header will always indicate through flavor text which faction/s killed a player. Feel free to ask for clarification if the header is unclear.
  • Mod note: I will add all the answers to any questions I receive to this list for visibility.
  1. Louie – Shaggy
  2. Hoho – Jason Voorhees VANILLA TOWN
  3. Tiff – Laura Roslin, President of humanity SERIAL KILLER
  4. Spooky – Ma (replaced by Goat for one night phase) VANILLA TOWN
  5. Grump – Nanami Tsukino
  6. Cop – Troy McClure
  7. Lindsay – Willow
  8. Indy – Father Lankester Merrin
  9. Owen – Dolly Levi, matchmaker to the stars VANILLA TOWN
  10. Side – Wirt TOWN COP
  11. May – Gilda Joyce, novelist, spy, and psychic
  12. malthusc – Lady Edith Sharpe
  13. Hicks – Personification of In Search of Colour VANILLA TOWN
  14. Gramps – That Guy TOWN DOCTOR
  15. Raven – Jenny with the ribbon VANILLA TOWN
  16. MLA – Eleanor Vance
  17. abstractnoun/Goat
  18. Thoughts – Casper the friendly ghost
  19. Ralph – The Chessmaster
  20. Jake – Freddie the skeleton VANILLA TOWN
  21. Creeper – Talky Tina VANILLA TOWN
  22. dw/Emm – Annie
  23. Pug Lady – The Pug Lady!
  24. sagittariuskim – The Box Ghost MANOR GHOST
  25. Affogato/April – Forgetful Tom Hanks
  26. Jude – Drunk Shirley Jackson
  27. Britta – Jonas the Cat


  1. Side
  2. Indy
  3. Hicks
  4. Hoho
  5. Pug Lady
  6. abstractnoun/Goat2.0
  7. Thoughts
  8. Britta
  9. Jude


  1. Cop
  2. Jake
  3. MLA
  4. spooky/Goat1.0
  5. dw/Emm
  6. Grump
  7. Affogato/April
  8. Lindsay
  9. Owen


  1. Ralph
  2. May
  3. Tiff
  4. Raven
  5. malthusc
  6. Kim
  7. Creeper
  8. Louie
  9. Gramps